real estate search based on commute duration
find a house near your commute destinations
Tell us which destinations you visit each day, and we will find you a house nearest these destinations that also satisfies your other requirements. For example, you can search for an apartment of a required size for 3 people: two adults who travel to work by car and by public transport, and one child who walks to an elementary school.
Technology Brief: There can be a million of houses available on the market within your metropolis. Because the houses that satisfy your requirements can be anywhere and manywhere, it is fundamentally hard to identify which ones are nearest your commute destinations. Essentially, it is necessary to compute durations of travel between each house and your commute destinations. That's zillions of durations of travel. It's hard even for Google Maps to compute. However, we created a technology that computes the durations of travel in just a blink of an eye! This dramatic effect is enabled by a novel technical feature that we call "one-side representatives". It is patent pending worldwide, see PCT/US2019/017909. Our technology generates an unprecedented ability to perform a deep search of the real estate market based on commute duration. So you can be sure to find a house with the best location.
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